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Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020


Marjan Oudeman ‘I hope that many will identify with the Strategic Plan’

What should Utrecht University’s future look like? Over the past few months, students, staff, alumni and other parties discussed this question. Based on their input, a concept Strategic Plan 2016–2020 was written. In an interview, Marjan Oudeman, President of the Executive Board, and Esther Stiekema, Strategic Plan Project Coordinator, give a general description of the plan and the on-going process. (the interview is in Dutch)

‘I hope a lot of people within the university will be able to identify with the plan and feel revitalised by it,’ says the President. ‘The plan aims to provide flexibility and inspiring confidence so that, together, we can realise a bright future for the university. Resilience is a key focus in the plan. By resilience I mean that we must strive to remain capable of handling change, across the full span of the university.’

No major policy changes
The new Strategic Plan does not contain major deviations from the policies of previous years. It is also less detailed than the 2012–2016 Strategic Plan. The concept outlines the university’s intended path, but leaves room for further interpretation by the individual faculties and other university sections.

When will it be finished?
The draft plan is currently being discussed in the University Council, Deans’ consultations and management consultations and with Utrecht University professors and Education and Research Directors. The staff and students concerned are also assessing the text during small, lunchtime meetings. The plan is scheduled for completion in mid-July, after undergoing a final round of editing and being approved by the Supervisory Board.

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