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Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020


What ideas did you come up with and how will they be used in the Strategic Plan?

During the past few months staff, students, alumni and (regional) partners were offered the chance to share their thoughts about what is important for the future of Utrecht University. What deserves (special) attention in the upcoming Strategic Plan? Did people perhaps come up with unexpected input? And what will now become of all the collected ideas; in what way will they be used?

Esther Stiekema, project manager Strategic Plan, says a lot of different ideas were collected. And – not surprising – not everyone agrees on everything. Some topics repeatedly came to the surface, such as: diversity and interdisciplinary collaboration. Quite a few people think that Utrecht University is not diverse enough when it comes to staff and students.

Although researchers are happy with all the interdisciplinary research that takes place at the university, students however often find it difficult to cross the borders of their particular programme.

A few of the surprising ideas that came up were: a rowing-course on the campus, a big green area at Utrecht Science Park with chickens that can provide us with our own eggs, and more time to spend on self-selected (creative) projects.

Now the Executive Board and Deans will look closely at the collected input and as a result of that they will formulate ambitions for Utrecht University.

Esther Stiekema: “Thereupon we will take these ambitions back to check with people that have proved to be closely involved with the Strategic Plan so far. And finally the University Council and Supervisory Board will have to give their consent. Hopefully the Strategic Plan will then be finalised in the beginning of July.”

Esther Stiekema also gave an update in front of the camera (the video is in Dutch):


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