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Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020


Strategic Plan debate: a diversity quota or wait it out?

Three subjects, three tables, three rounds of discussions, plus three mind maps on the subjects of talent policy, diversity and agility which are continually unfolding. Some 30 participants are building on this in areas frequently mentioned in previous human capital sessions.

What are the goals for 2025? Several highlights:

Talent policy

  • Basic principle: everyone has talent. UU’s goal: to develop and utilise the talents of each and every employee to the full.
  • How will we achieve it? Aligning with the employees’ individual needs. Providing freedom for growth and tailored development solutions, while capitalising on the strengths of our multidisciplinary organisation and open working relationships, and reinforcing the network organisation.
  • This will require an external outlook: attracting and retaining talent, but giving it space to continue evolving elsewhere. Connecting with other, similar, organisations is vital.


  • Diversity is not a end in itself, but a means to an end and contributes to an organisation’s success. However, the UU also plays an exemplary role in society and should promote diversity for that reason, too.
  • But should it implement rigid quotas? Or promote diversity and take a wait-and-see approach? Whether or not to introduce quotas is a matter of discussion for the participants’ group, as well. Some of them feel that the UU should focus on positive role models and promote the conditions required for a diverse staff population, so as to increase diversity, while the rest prefer hard-and-fast targets: ‘Homogeneity is self-perpetuating, so a jolt is needed’.
  • The UU will – and must – become more and more international. By 2025, we will be an English-language university attracting talent from across the world thanks to our added value in the area of multidisciplinarity.


  • Flexibilisation is important and is becoming increasingly so amidst a fast-changing environment. The agility of our staff is of crucial importance.
  • UU’s goal: forming a network organisation in which staff no longer have employment contracts specifying permanent positions, but rather ‘career contracts’. Work relationships are then structured according to the targeted results, instead of along departmental lines.
  • Being open to change and able to keep up with it is vital. Lifelong learning for staff, combined with a learning organisation.

With these key points, we have begun formulating our ambition. In the next, more complex step, we will shape it further.

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